Pearson & Associates Real Estate Team


So you’re ready to buy a home? Congratulations! A somewhat intimidating process, we know. You’ve been researching every article you can find on the internet, talked to your family and friends, and everyone has given you a different (and possibly contradictory) opinion of what to expect…or what THEY went through.

We are here to give you your “exhale moment” and guide you in the right direction every step of the way. You deserve your own home-buying experience, without the drama! Those lingering questions that keep you up in the middle of the night: “What type of loan is best for me?”; “What is Radon and what do I do with it?”; “Will an HOA allow my pet pig?”…we are here to answer for you!

Here’s how we will start your home-buying experience:


We’re going to have you contact a mortgage lender for pre-qualification (we can recommend lenders for you). Will you qualify for a house with school debt? Have you been at your current employer long enough? How does your credit look for the type of loan you’d like to get? You’ll get all of these questions answered (and then some), giving you peace-of-mind and confidence to start house shopping.

You can make this process a formal office visit or a 15-minute phone call - whatever is convenient for you. This step is imperative before we start looking. We would NEVER want to show you a home you can’t live without, then discover you won’t qualify.

Start really evaluating what features you’d like in your new home. You’ve probably already mentally catalogued this list, months before taking the step to contact a Realtor®, but we’re really going to get into the “nitty-gritty” of your wants and needs, besides the normal criteria of size, location, and beds/baths.

Do you need to be within walking distance of mass transit?
Do you need to stay in the boundaries of a specific school district?
Do you need an additional bedroom for your impressive shoe collection?
Are you en route to be the next Top Chef® and need a kitchen to practice your technique?
Do you need a fully-fenced backyard for your Great Dane "children"?
Is it therapeutic for you to do yard work, or would you prefer to sit on your patio with a beverage in-hand, and watch someone else do it for you?

We will ask you every question tailored towards your lifestyle, so we can find you the home that meets most (if not all) of what you want. Try to separate your wants and needs and number the list.


We’re going to narrow down areas you prefer to live in. Although no one can predict exact future property values, we will educate you about trends in these areas, provide current market data, and a give you a full analysis of these locations. Knowledge is power, my friend!

Types/styles of homes:

Are you adamant about having a single family tri-level-style home?
Rambler-style condo or do prefer a bi-level townhome?

What’s the difference?”
We will explain it all. If necessary, we will take you through the different styles to give you a visual (we’ve learned over the years that most of our clients are “visual” people and need to actually assess the different styles while standing IN THE HOME). If you don’t like it, we eliminate it!

Will you be comfortable paying an HOA (Home Owner’s Association) fee?
If so, we will give you the details encompassing the different HOA’s and their individual assessments.

Do you want a brand new home?
You have picked out your dream counter tops, paint, flooring, and want the opportunity to build from scratch. We will help with this whole new construction process! We’ve spent years constructing a great network of builder’s agents throughout Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah County areas, to ensure our clients have an amazing experience building from a hole in the ground, to keys in hand - no matter which builder you choose.

We will get you lists of standard features, spec sheets, floor plans, incentives, time frames, plat maps, lot premiums, etc. from any builder you’ve had your eye on, and ensure your needs are negotiated and expectations met. Model home agents represent the builder’s best interests; we represent yours.